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587  Mill Creek Road

Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Aikido is the "gentle way" to learn a defensive martial art. Consisting of blocks, evasive maneuvers, restraining and throwing techniques, it helps to develop coordination and control. Increased stamina, flexibility, and muscle development occur naturally as a result of training, but the techniques do not depend on strength; Aikido can be practiced by people of all ages and physiques. Aikido uses the strength of an aggressor against him in a non-lethal way.

6th Degree Black Belt Chet Griffin takes the class through the fundamentals of movement, distance, timing and breathing.

You are invited to visit this program and try it out one class, if you return for a second class, the second class is free of charge. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing (warm-up suit, sweats or gi). Registration or mat fee is required for continued participation.

This Aikikai is a member of the United States Aikido Federation. All aikido students are encouraged to visit regardless of style. Come and train with us while you are on vacation for a $10 mat fee or see the instructor for special visitor rates.

In the Youth Aikido class the basics from the Martial Arts and Aikido will be taught by Ed Kardell. Students will increase their self-confidence, improve coordination and concentration skills, and build a foundation for self-defense techniques. Emphasis will be on learning the basics from both arts which complement one another; as well as promoting safety, respect, and the ability to work with peers. Physical ability, inner strength and harmony will develop and help students deal with conflict.

All Aikido students are welcome to attend.
Members of the public are welcome to observe


LBI Aikido Club
587 Mill Creek Road
Manahawkin, NJ 08050


The school is located East of the Parkway Exit 63.

From the parkway take rout 72 East. 

After a few Minutes Pass Buy Rite Liquors (the second liquor store)

Go through the Mill Creek Road traffic light and take the jughandle to cross Route 72.

We are in a strip mall on the left, across from Superfresh.




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