Movies Watched During 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
 More than enough here for any Star Wars fan, in my opinion. And I fall squarely in the pro-Porg camp, they were just too cute. And they certainly made themselves right at home in the Millennium Falcon, didn't they? Note to anyone reading this, I'd really, really love to have a BB8 droid of my own, so if you happen to see one in any of your travels please pick it up for me and I promise I'll pay you back. Some of the scenes in this film went on a bit longer than they needed to, making the overall movie longer than it needed to be. But other than that, this was another great Star Wars film. 
Went to see this movie in a great old theater in Dumont while visiting Michael in Pittsburgh. He told me Sandra Bullock was in it, but he was confused & it was actually Anne Hathaway. Knowing the types of movies that appeal to Michael don't always appeal to me, I hung on the Sandra Bullock bait. But truthfully, this was a pretty good, if not disturbing, movie. There's a lot of alcohol consumed, a monster & a robot attack the city of Seoul, and some of the characters have some serious baggage. I had to watch to see how it all wound up. And I myself am surprised to say that about a movie with a monster in it. 
Big Hero 6
This would be a dream movie for any kid into robots, gadgets, science, and all things tech. The protagonist Hero is left to take over where his older brother leaves off, developing a robot named Baymax designed to help individuals with healthcare diagnostics. He ends up teaming with his brother's academic cohorts to help foil an evil plot they stumble across compliments of Baymax. Oh and it all takes place in the fictitious metropolis of San Fransokyo. This was an awesome movie for both kids and adults alike. 
Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years
A film by Ron Howard about the Beatles, focusing on their live concerts between 1962 & 1966. What started out as innocent and fun became a slow, draining (& even dangerous) slog. But beneath all the hysteria & hype were four brilliant musicians who, when they abandoned live performances, went into the studio to let their creativity run wild, and made one of the greatest recordings of all time (Sgt. Pepper). If you like the Beatles, this is a must-see film. 
This was the new, re-make. We had such low expectations there was nowhere to go but up, so it wasn't as bad as we expected. Glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater though. They really couldn't top the original, so why even try???
Rogue One
Fantastic - more than enough here for any Star Wars fan, and plenty of edge-of-your-seat action for just about anyone. Really enjoyed this film, and now we all know how the rebels came to obtain the death star plans.