2018 Household News and Events

Mets vs. Phillies
CitizenBank Park, Philadelphia, PA
Got a block of tickets for Mother's Day and woke to a morning of steady, pouring rain. But we all went to the park anyway, and after about a one hour delay, the game started and continued without any other weather-related breaks. I was anticipating a pitching duel with deGrom on the mound, but he had a horrendous first inning and an inflated pitch count (this was his first start after suffering a minor hyperextended elbow), and so the Mets went straight to the bullpen starting in the 2nd inning. They took the lead and I was hoping for a win but unfortunately the Phillies came back late in the game. Oh well. But we had great seats down the left field line and got to watch Cespedes make an awesome catch. And it was a great way to spend a Mother's Day. 
Acrobuffos: Airplay
New Victory Theater, NYC
 This was our family Easter outing. We had a meal together at Carmine's then saw a show called Airplay by a duo called Acrobuffos which is hard to describe. It involved lots of balloons of all different sizes, as well as a dozen or so fans with balloons and glitter and other stuff flying around in the wind generated by the fans. Thanks go out to Grandma for a wonderful day in the city!
 My mom generously treated Erika & I to this play. Even though it is still in previews, it was an amazing production. All of the leads were amazing, but Renee Fleming had a smaller role, and was simply exquisite. We had fantastic seats too, the best I've ever had for a Broadway show. As if that weren't enough, we waited outside the stag door and got to meet Renee Fleming! She signed our Playbills, she posed for a picture with Erika, and she spoke briefly with my mom (after I mentioned that she is a a season ticket holder at the Met). This was a day we will remember for a long time!